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Brush the hair on the top of your head downwards and towards your eyes. Also, make sure to brush your hair before going to bed. With that done, make a complete loop with the ties to the back of your head again. Straps of the durag help you tie it at the back of your head. Those who want 360 waves go through a lot of brushing, but durags can help with the process. You will have to follow the 360 waves brushing pattern even after you get the desired style. You can opt for any wave shampoo and conditioner for 360 style waves. Do I Have To Wear A Durag All The Time To Get 360 Waves? It is a proven fact the key to achieving deep spinning 360 waves is to wear a durag. Is dyeing going to cause loss of 360 wave progression? On the other hand, wave activating durag has something called a «wave activator» on the inside. The outside has velvet which makes it look good while the inside has polyester which improves the compression.

You can secure the flap inside the headband, taking care not to move it from its position. With the information shared above, you can get started and sport this super-stylish hair trend in just a few week’s time! Unfortunately, no one can tell you the exact number of days by when you can get 360 waves in nappy hair. Also, the process of dyeing 360 waves is unique and ensures that you do not lose your curls. Cutting your hair short will train your strands to grow out in curls as you brush them. Both wave cap and durag are used to train the hair into making waves. Wearing a wave cap under a durag increases compression. Moreover, long straps allow you to make a double wrap which increases the compressing abilities of durag. Moreover, it needs to have a little bit of stretch to make sure it fits every head.

Moreover, it was designed to snug fit no matter the size of your head. The durags have extra long straps, and they are also quite wide enough to fit into different types of hair textures and patterns. This Ocean View Durag is one of the best durag for waves in the markets since it provides a superior fit and quality. It provides excellent compression and locks in the moisture, which, in turn, facilitates the wolfing and improves hair texture. It is a perfect material to train your hair if you are into wolfing. However, wolfing is the only purpose of the wave cap while durag can serve several other purposes as well. We’ve talked a lot about using durags to keep different styles intact for longer, but you can use it on a short term basis, too. The first step in the 360 wave process is to get your hair cut short. Really short. In fact, nothing is as good as a traditional Caesar cut. A velvet durag does not have that good compressing ability which is key to the formation of waves. They offer a good variety of colors and designs. Companies offer a variety of colors and designs for a single version of durag.

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However, when it comes to decorated designs, you cannot wear a single design on every outfit you own. These durags have one single piece of cloth rather than different pieces sewn together. It looks like a skull cap with a small piece hanging at the nape of your neck. Gold khaki, black wave caps, and a bonus dome cap are included in this combo set. With everything set up for success, you can pull the ties back with one on each hand. To minimize these effects, it is recommended to visit a hairstylist who can help you with the right products and treatment. Thus, you need a fabric that does not absorb these products. Using organic products will be better for your 360 waves. If you are looking for a better alternative to your plastic durags, just go for these. When it comes to manufacturing durags, companies are using essentially three types of fabric.

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